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During the 4 years of EURO-FOS NoE projects there have been a large number of educational events that took place in the form of seminars, summer and winter school activities, targeting the promotion of the photonics technology to under- and post-graduate students in EURO-FOS institutions but also to high school students.

Specifically for the purposes of the Winter School activities, AIT has created an extended presentation that provides an introduction to photonics technologies and shows the main research directions today. This (or parts of this) presentation has been used by some partners in the seminars and lectures they have provided.

However, there is additional material (presentation slides and posters) that was used in order to cover the specific topics of the Summer and Winter School activities presented by each partner. This additional material has been requested by the partners and a significant number of presentations have been collected and uploaded to the EURO-FOS web site. This material has been organized according to thematic areas as well as according to the level of students that they were targeting.

The training material is accessible only by users registered to the site of EURO-FOS Netwrok. 

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