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  Spreading of EURO-FOS' Excellence

Dissemination of foreground knowledge within EURO-FOS NoE has been a multidimensional activity comprising numerous divert tasks towards the promotion of the scientific results derived through the joint experimental activities by the consortium members, as well as towards spreading network's reputation to the general public. In this framework, EURO-FOS has planned and executed a very active dissemination strategy under the title "Spreading of Excellence", aiming at the:

- promotion promoting the network's views on key technological issues
- disseminating of latest results derived from joint research for the stimulation of new research lines based on looking forward technology solutions
- creation of synergies between the network and other European research projects
- contribution to the European research agenda
- creation of links and collaborations with non-EU consortia
- training of highly-skilled researchers with subjects associated with fiber-optic communications
- dissemination of photonics technologic to non-scientific European public

The major components of EURO-FOS' spreading of excellence activities are summarised as follows:

Scientific publications in international conferences and journals: During the 4 years of its operation, EURO-FOS network has produced approximately 690 publications. A percentage of 30% of these publications were the result of JEA work among the EURO-FOS partners, around 160 publications were produced as result of collaborative work with industrial partners, while 76 invited talks and presentations were given by the consortium members in numerous sound conferences. The various publications are classified and summarized in the following table.


Presence in European and international workshops: EURO-FOS had a consistent and multi-fold presence in the major events related to photonics technology and communication, namely ECOC, ICTON and OFC. In particular, EURO-FOS has been participating with a booth at ECOC (from 2008 until 2011) as well as in OFC 2011. In addition the network has actively organised a number of workshops in ECOC and ICTON.

Organisation of training activities: EURO-FOS project organised two (2) summer schools (in 2009 and 2010) and a number of winter courses. The winter courses were organised in a decentralised manner and took place in parallel in the countries of origin of the members of the consortium, in an effort to diffuse modern advancements of photonic technologies to a large number of students around Europe. Besides their geographical distribution, these winter courses addressed a wide group of audience, in terms of age and back ground knowledge, ranging from high school students up to university undergraduates and graduates.

Dissemination activities towards the general public: EURO-FOS organised 37 smaller or larger scale events in order to address non-scientific audience, aiming to the general public about the potential of photonic technology and the ways that its applications affect and change everyday life. Event for the general public included media campaigns (newspapers, web articles and TV broadcasts), presentations to schools, visits to the laboratories of the network members and demonstrations, as well as participation of individual partners in various local public events, such as local technology fairs and open workshops).

The dissemination activities of EURO-FOS NoE are estimated to have echoed at more than 50.000 people:
  • 34.306 visits at the EURO-FOS website within the period 2009-2012
  • 8.919 visits at the eurofoslab web-site within the period 2009-2012
  • 250 recipients of EURO-FOS newsletters and announcement of events
  • 1.600 students attended the tutorials of summer/winter schools
  • 1.700 visitors to the EURO-FOS booths in 4 international conferences (ECOC and OFC)
  • 500 researchers attended the 8 workshops organised by the project
  • More than 35 PhD researchers have been benefited in their work
  • More than 1.850 persons attended the 37 events organized in fairs, media and high schools
  • 32 top quality enterprises conducted collaborative research within JEAs
  • More than 400 publications presented in first line international conferences and journals 
The intense and forward looking research activities carried out during the lifetime of EURO-FOS project in combination with the multidimensional spreading of excellence strategy adopted by the network resulted in the legacy of the project to the European research community, namely:

=> Collection of training material: A collection of presentations used as the training material for the purposes of the summer and winter schools and courses on photonics technology performed by EURO-FOS members to a wide audience of students of medium and higher education

=> Collection of application notes (ANs) in the areas of (i) Digital Optical Transmission Systems; (ii) Optical Sources and Amplification Systems; (iii) High-speed Optical Network Subsystems; (iv) Next Generation Optical Access Subsystems and (v) Measurment methods of Optical Devices. The 17 members of the EURO-FOS network prepared and made available 55 ANs covering a large range of experimental processes and set-ups tackling practical aspects related with optical measurement methodologies, set-up of optical experiments and system/sub-system as well as component characterization. The collection of ANs consolidates the valuable expertise of the EURO-FOS partners in optical experimentation.

=> Collection of Vision and White papers: Comprises 6 papers that provide an overview on key research topics related with the four Centers of Excellence of EURO-FOS network.


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