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The EURO-FOS Pan-European Laboratory (http://www.eurofoslab.eu/) facilities represent the best of what Europe has to offer in the research field of photonic subsystem/system design and development. These resources are state-of-the-art photonic system testbeds, advanced transmission labs, non-commercial research prototype photonic devices and latest lightwave test & measurement equipment.

EURO-FOS laboratory brings the best photonic system groups creating economies of scale and synergy in this critical research field that links network level and device level research.

The EURO-FOS facilities are classified into the following categories:

High-Speed Sub-system Testing

These resources include photonic and electronic Test & measurement equipment that are state-of-the-art and are required for the characterization and performance evaluation of photonic sub-systems. Photonic subsystems operating up to 640 Gb/s can be characterized and performance evaluated using latest commercial and custom-made equipment available in the consortium.



Photonic Devices/Elements 

These resources include commercial devices and research prototypes developed or being developed in EURO-FOS partner fabrication labs  or within other research European projects. Functional integration of these devices available in different research groups within EUROFOS is expected to fuel research on photonic sub-systems and the implementation of new photonic subsystems.


Transmission Labs

A number of EURO-FOS laboratory members have advanced transmission testbeds that can be exploited for characterizing the transmission performance of photonic components and sub-systems developed. EURO-FOS laboratories can characterize transmission performance of amplitude or phase modulated signals, including DPSK and QPSK modulation systems. EURO-FOS also offers advanced DWDM transmission labs covering S- C- L- bands at bit-rates up to 40 Gb/s ETDM and 2.5Tb/s OTDM per wavelength. 


Field Testbeds

A number of EURO-FOS laboratories have access to deployed fiber through local industrial partners. These fiber links will be made available to the EURO-FOS Pan-European Laboratory for performing realistic transmission experiments using new photonic subsystems developed. In addition, transmission characterization can also be performed through actual interconnection of labs across Europe using high-speed GEANT connectivity or cross-border Dark Fibres.

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