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1. Evolution of All-Optical Flip-Flops and Their Applications in Optical Communications Networks

C. Reis, L. Costa, A. Bogoni, A. Maziotis, A. Teixeira, C. Kouloumentas, D. Apostolopoulos, D. Erasme, G. Berrettini, G. Meloni, G. Parca, H. Brahmi, I. Tomkos, L. Poti, M. Bougioukos, P. S.André, P. Zakynthinos, R. Dionisio, T. Chattopadhyay, H. Avramoupoulos

This paper provides a review of all-optical flip-flops technologies, and their possible experimental implementation solutions, for a variety of applications in optical communication networks. A description of the state-of-the-art experimental implementations and validation testing of the technologies used in different all-optical flip-flops schemes is made, presenting to the interested reader an overview of the up to date all-optical flip-flops design schemes. Some of the research results presented in this paper were performed under the EU NoE EURO-FOS project consortium. This paper also provides researchers working on this topic with interesting trends that are worth considering in their own research studies. 

2. Subsystems for Future Access Networks

Jose A. Lazaro, Josep Prat, Christophe Kazmierski , Philippe Chanclou, Ioannis Tomkos, Eduward Tangdiongga, Idelfonso T. Monroy, Xing-Zhi Qiu, Antonio Teixeira, Risto Soila, Pierluigi Poggiolini, Rakesh Sambara, Klaus-Dieter Langer, Didier Eramse, Efstratios Kehayas, Hercules Avramopoulos. 

Abstract: Current evolution and tendencies of Telecom Networks in general and more specifically optical Metro and Access Networks and their convergence are reported. Based on this evolution, a set of research lines are foreseen regarding subsystems and devices as: high speed optical sources, modulators and receivers, for the next generation of Passive Optical Networks. The ICT project EURO-FOS is achieving European level cooperative research among academia and industry, enabling future telecommunication networks.


3. Optical Line Terminal and Remote Node Sub-Systems of Next-Generation Access Networks

J. Bauwelinck, C. Antony, F. Bonada, A. Caballero, S. Chatzi, A. M. Clarke, L. N. Costa, M. Forzati, J. A. Lazaro, A. Maziotis, M. Mestre, I. T. Monroy, P. Ossieur, V. Polo, J. Prat, X.-Z. Qiu, P.-J. Rigole, B. Schrenk, R. Soila, A. Teixeira, I. Tomkos, P. D. Townsend, X. Yin, H. Avramopoulos  

Abstract: Optical line terminal and remote node sub-systems are key elements for the development of scalable, cost-effective and high-bandwidth passive optical networks. 


4. User-Terminal Subsystems of Next-Generation Access Networks: Trends and Challenges

B. Schrenk, J. Bauwelinck, M. Omella, E. Kehayas, P. Bakopoulos, A. Maziotis, C. Kazmierski, D. Klonidis, X.Z. Qiu, J. Prat, I. Tomkos, H. Avramopoulos and J.A. Lazaro

Abstract: As a key element in continuously migrating access networks, the customer premises equipment faces new challenges for cost-efficient service delivery, including low-bandwidth transmitters, burst-mode operation and photonic integrated solutions for full-duplex transmission.


5. Optical Subsystems for Next Generation Access Networks (invited)

J. A. Lazaro, V. Polo, B. Schrenk, F. Bonada, I. Cano, E. T. Lopez, C. Kazmierski, G. de Valicourt, R. Brenot, J. Bauwelinck, X.-Z. Qiu, P. Ossieur, M. Forzati, P.-J. Rigole, I. T. Monroy, E. Tangdiongga, M. Morant, L. Nicolau, A. L. Teixeira, D. Erasme, D. Klonidis, I. Tomkos, J. Prat, C. Kouloumentas, H. Avramopoulos

Abstract: Recent optical technologies are providing higher flexibility to next generation access networks: on the one hand, providing progressive FTTx and specifically FTTH deployment, progressively shortening the copper access network; on the other hand, also opening fixed-mobile convergence solutions in next generation PON architectures. It is provided an overview of the optical subsystems developed for the implementation of the proposed NG-Access Networks. 


6. Design guidelines for improved fibre parametric amplifier performance

Ning Kang, Francesco Da Ros, Toke Lund-Hansen, Jorge Seoane, Karsten Rottwitt, and Christophe Peucheret



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