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2011-2012 Research Activities Print

Integrated WDM-PON and millimeter-wave radio architectures

Leading beneficiary: UPVLC
Other participants: DTU, SSSUP

Small scale JEA exploring a specific application of interest in the field of RoF

Experimental performance evaluation of elastic Tb/s channel with respect to cognitive optical networking

Leading beneficiary: DTU
Other participants: AIT

Small scale JEA exploring a specific application of interest in the field of optical networks

40 Gb/s wireless link in the 75-110 GHz band using optical heterodyne mixing and digital coherent detection

Leading beneficiary: UPVLC

Other participants: DTU

 A novel technique for generation and demodulation of QPSK wireless signals in the 75- to 110-GHz band was demonstrated for the first time. The wireless QPSK signal generation is obtained by directly converting an optical signal into a wireless signal

Analysis and compensation of non-linear effects in high-speed coherent optical fibre communications

Leading beneficiary: ACREO

Other participants: Institut TELECOM, IT, HHI, POLITO, TNI, Chalmers, University of Padova (external)

Analysis of the role of relative state-of-polarization (SOP) in nonlinear cross-talk; development and testing of weighted DBP algorithm for non-linear compensation

Electronic dispersion compensation of the upstream channel in extended reach 10G PONs

Leading beneficiary: TNI

Other participants: TNI, IMEC, UPC, AIT

Record performance in terms of reach (e.g. 135.1km of which 124km field-deployed fibre) and split (e.g. 8192 customers for the carrier distributed PON). A testbed ready at TNI to test the performance of MLSE

All-silicon circuits for high-speed optical signal processing

Leading beneficiary: ICCS/NTUA

Other participants: KIT

Silicon-organic-hybrid (SOH) nonlinear waveguides were combined with silicon micro-ring resonators for demonstrating FWM-based signal processing techniques using all-silicon circuits. Studies on possible XPM-based setups were conducted. On a more fundamental level, physical properties of silicon nanowires were studied.

OTDM receiver for very high speed digital coherent system

Leading beneficiary: Chalmers

Other participants: Institut TELECOM

New specific algorithm for the receiver studied and experimental demonstration

Radio-over-fiber architectures for OFDM signals transmission in access networks

Leading beneficiary: UPVLC

Other participants: UEssex

Extension beyond the advantages of the simple FTTH concept, reducing operational costs and increasing spectral efficiencies.

10 Gbit/s burst-mode experiments for next-generation PON subsystems

Leading beneficiary: IMEC

Other participants: UPC, TNI,  Alcatel-Lucent Stuttgart (external partners) and Alcatel-Lucent Murray Hill (external partner)

World first demonstration of a DC-coupled BM-Rx without line coding, with record short settling time (<51ns versus 800ns in IEEE802.3av) combined with a record high Rx sensitivity (<-30dBm).

High-Speed Wavelength Converter based on Quantum-Dot Semiconductor Optical Amplifier

Leading beneficiary: KIT

Other participants:  HHI, TNI, TU/e, Technical University Berlin (external)

Error-free wavelength conversion with a QD SOA combined with a DI is shown for the first time by bit error ratio measurements at 80 Gb/s.

All-optical packet switch of DPSK optical packets

Leading beneficiary: SSSUP

Other participants:  TU/e, ICCS/NTUA

Complete demonstration of label-processing scheme. Packet-switch has been achieved.

Enhancement of upstream transmission using cancellation of downstream modulation

Leading beneficiary: ICCS/NTUA

Other participants: UPC

All-optical approaches introduced during this this activity in access networks, proving that they are reliable and beneficial.

Photonics-based generation of stable RF carriers in the X band

Leading beneficiary: SSSUP

Other participants: UPVLC

Experimental study of RF stability for different generated frequency

Towards Low-cost Tuneable Laser based ONU/OLT Transmitter for Next Generation PONs

Leading beneficiary: UPC

Other participants: ACREO, SYNTUNE/IGNIS (external), CTTC (external)

Experimental demonstration of use of tuneable lasers for ONU transmission of burst mode traffic among ONUs with fully passive-router Remote Nodes.

Implementation of an all-optical router

Leading beneficiary: IT

Other participants: ICCS/NTUA, Institut TELECOM, SSSUP

Novel concepts for all-optical implementation of basic routing functionalities like packet contention resolution are implemented by all-optical means. New flip-flop configurations have been investigated for driving all-optical switching gates in the node architecture. 

Optical packet switching and detection of 640 Gb/s OTDM data packets transmitted over 50 km fiber

Leading beneficiary: TU/e

Other participants: DTU, OFS Fitel Denmark (external)

Demonstration of packet switching and detection of 640 Gb/s transmitted packets

Transmission Performance of Optical Fast-OFDM in MMF-Based Links

Leading beneficiary: AIT

Other participants: TNI,  Bangor University (external)

First experimental demonstration on Fast-OFDM over MMF links using Intensity modulation and Direct Detection

A cost-effective and flexible subcarrier generation source for Optical OFDM System

Leading beneficiary: KIT

Other participants: AIT

Optical comb source was demonstrated for the first time using single dual-drive modulators.

Multi-standard Radio Transmission over 1-mm core diameter PMMA Plastic Optical Fibers

Leading beneficiary: TU/e

Other participants:  DTU, ICCS/NTUA, UPVLC

Use of electrical processing techniques to achieve required transmission performance.

Extended WDM/TDM PON design and performance evaluation with C- and L-band inline remote amplification

Leading beneficiary: AIT

Other participants:  UPC

The design of remote nodes for WDM/TDM PONs was improved in terms of reach and spectrum by in-line remote amplific. for both C- and L-band and electronic dispersion compensation.

Dynamic bandwidth allocation in gridless networking by means of SOA-based high-speed format converters

Leading beneficiary: UEssex

Other participants:  SSSUP

Simultaneous format and wavelength conversion from NRZ to RZ-OOK and from RZ-OOK to RZ-BPSK at 40 Gb/s.



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