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European Higher-Education Handbook Print

EURO-FOS Noe has prepared and made available to the public the "European Higher-Education Handbook" (download).

The creation of a handbook summarizing the available postgraduate degrees aims at serving as a guide to students who wish to pursuit a higher education degree at the latest technologies of optical networks and photonic technology.

The document is entitled “Higher Education Handbook” and lists Europe’s M.Sc/PhD courses covering the area of photonic systems/networks and optical telecommunications. It outlines basic information about the institutions and provides details about the offered postgraduate courses, research activities of the respective research groups and contact details. The handbook information is also enriched with institutions outside the EURO-FOS network.  Moreover, a call of advertisement of the handbook has been located since February 2010 (M22) on the EURO-FOS website for any European institution that may want to contribute to the dissemination of optical communications and photonic technology higher education degrees. The handbook content will be updated frequently with any new contribution.

The purpose of the handbook is to provide to the public and any interested party up-to-date information about higher education on photonics studies and drive future candidates to start post-graduate degree in Europe’s state of the art relevant courses.

The  handbook is also available through the site of Photonics 21 using the following link:

Download the European Higher Education Handbook from the site of Photonics 21


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