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Marconi Society 2012 Award to EURO-FOS PhD Student Print
Among the winners of the Marconi Society Young Scholar Award for 2012 was Guilhem de Valicourt, PhD student from Institut TELECOM/TELECOM ParisTech. Dr. de Valicourt received the prize for his joint work  in association with III-V Labs, which ia an industrial affiliate to EURO-FOS netwokr, as well as in collaboration of eight (8) more members of the EURO-FOS COnsortium. Part of de Valicourt's research was performed in the frawork of EURO-FOS Joint Research Activities (JEAs).
More information in about the wiinner can be found in the site of Marconi Society.
De Valicourt's main research efforts have focused on novel semiconductor optical devices, in particular reflective semiconductor optical amplifiers (RSOAs). A Bell Labs researcher, the 27-year-old was hired in Alcatel-Lucent's WDM Dynamic Networks Department in October 2011, immediately after completing his Ph. D. jointly at Télécom ParisTech, one of France's top engineering schools and at III-V Lab (which brings together, in a single laboratory, staff and equipment from 3 partner institutions: 'Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs France', 'Thales Research and Technology' and 'CEA Leti') . Among his achievements is demonstrating the first RSOA working at 10 Gbit/s without any electronic compensation and developing, fabricating and optimizing high-performance devices that are considered to be well beyond the state of the art. He demonstrated the feasibility of using RSOAs as future transmitters for high-speed optical WDM access networks, or backhaul systems connecting wireless base stations for wireless-optical convergence.

"As talented as he is as an individual researcher, Guilhem also shows strong management skills of collaborative scientific projects, far in advance of what could be expected at this early stage of his career," said Cédric Ware, Ph.D., de Valicourt's academic Ph.D. advisor. "Not only did he create, while still a student, his own internal Alcatel-Lucent team, he has seized the opportunities of participating in European and French research projects to acquire an impressive array of academic and industrial partners."









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