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The Photonic Networks Laboratory at the University involves 4 academics and 21 research officers, PhD students and Research Fellows. The Group is/has been actively involved in many EU projects (as well as several National Projects) including horizontal projects such as BREAD, ePhoton/One and BONE, and technology and network projects such as MUFINS, TRIUMPH, MUSE, PHOSPHORUS, DICONET. The Laboratory specialises in the application of optical technologies to future communication network infrastructures (including telecommunications and Grid networks), together with the study of associated issues such as control & signalling, node architectures, and network technologies (for example optical burst and packet switching) best suited for future requirements.

Relevant test-beds and research activities include: Waveband and wavelength switched optical test-bed, 160 Gbps network technologies, subsystems and test-bed, 40 Gbps OPS and OBS test-beds, Programmable optical network test-bed, Optical network architectures and technologies, Nanosecond switching subsystems, Fast, agile edge interfaces for the OPS/OBS/OWS, Control plane and Network Resource, Provisioning Systems development, Service centric frameworks and architectures, Grid resource management / scheduling algorithms. The laboratory has access to an advanced optical network test-bed incorporating Ethernet VLAN switches, Optical Cross-connects (OXC), optical packet-switches (OPS) and optical burst-switches (OBS); and high speed Optical Time Slot Interchange switches, GMPLS control plane, and UCLP. This test-bed is housed in a new purpose-build research facility. Technologies and sub-systems developed within past or current EPSRC/DTI-and EU funded projects. UEssex can connect to European and North American through managed Lightpaths and dark fibre provided by UKLight and GN2.

Personnel involved in EURO-FOS

Prof. Dimitra Simeonidou joined University of Essex in 1998 (previously with Alcatel Submarine Systems). Currently she is chair of GHPN group in the Open Grid forum and an active member of the Grid and Research Networking community in the UK and Internationally (participation in UKLight TAG, GLIF, Internet2, ITU-T/GGF group). Main current areas of interest are design and control issues for photonic networks and architectural considerations for photonic Grid networks; over 150 papers and 11 patents.

Dr Reza Nejabati is currently an Academic Fellow in the Photonic Network Research Laboratory. The main areas of his interest are design and control issues for high-speed electronic and optoelectronic interfaces in photonic packet-based networks as well as architectural considerations for photonic Grid networks; Dr. Nejabati has published over 35 research papers.

Prof. Mike O’Mahony is currently a professor at University of Essex. His current area of research is in understanding the evolution of communication networks to incorporate optical burst and packet switching, together with understanding the role and impact of optical processing. This research, together with involvement with EU IST project OPTIMIST (continued in FW6 as BREAD), which looks across optical research activities in the EU, Japan and North America, has led to many invited presentations at all the major international conferences and he has published 250 research papers and 10 patents.

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