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2009-2010 Research Activities Print


All-optical OFDM implementation, including FFT algorithm

Leading beneficiary: KIT

Other participants (industrial affiliates): Agilent (Germany), Finisar (Israel), Micram Microelectronic GmbH, Time-Bandwidth Products (Switzerland), Centellax, Alcatel-Lucent (Germany) and Xilinx

KIT collaborates with several industrial partners, namely , to achieve a record-breaking transmission capacity modulated onto the output of a single laser source.

Nyquist-WDM based Tbit/s Superchannel transmission

Leading beneficiary: POLITO

Other participants: HHI and industrial affiliates (OCLARO Corp., CISCO Photonics, TELEOPTIX, FASTWEB s.p.a., AVANEX Corp.)

The long-haul reach of a 1Tb/s superchannel comprising 10x100Gb/s PM-QPSK modulated carriers was investigated. The experiments were carried out over the operator FASTWEB’s installed cable plant in the city of Turin, Italy, which consists of uncompensated Standard-Single Mode Fibre (SSMF) with EDFA in-line amplification.

Development of DSP algorithms and testing in a real-time test environment

Leading beneficiary: SSSUP 

Other participants: Ericsson Italy (industrial affiliate)

An experimental test-bed for 100 Gb/s QAM transmission system with coherent receiver was set up. The activity included theoretical studies and implementation of sophisticated processing techniques for mitigation of linear and nonlinear propagation impairments, local oscillator phase noise and digital phase locked loop impairments.

Tuning Characteristics and Switching Speed of a Modulated Grating Y Structure Laser for Wavelength Routed PONs

Leading beneficiary: UPC

Other participants: ACREO, Syntune (industrial affiliate)

A complete laser driving board was developed and evaluated.

Amplitude and phase analysis of PolMux DQPSK signals

Leading beneficiary: KIT

Other participants: HHI, Finisar (industrial affiliate)

An optical vector signal analyzer based on a self-coherent (differential) receiver was implemented.

Photonic Demodulation of millimetre-wave wireless signals using optical coherent receivers

Leading beneficiary: DTU

Other participants: UPVLC, Radiometer Physics GmbH (industrial affiliate)

The activity is carried out jointly by UPLVC and DTU with the equipment support of Radiometer Physics GmbH

High speed Burst-Mode ONUs for next generation PONs

Leading beneficiary: IMEC

Other participants: UPC, France Telecom (industrial affiliate)

Design and implementation of burst-mode Txs for upstream transmission in high-split PONs is the main objective of this work.

Enhancement of upstream transmission using cancellation of downstream demodulation

Leading beneficiary: UPC

Other participants: ICCS/NTUA, Alcatel III-V Labs (external)

The main objective was the investigation of an all-optical technique for downstream cancellation targeting the realization of low-cost upstream transmitters with ultra low power consumption.

Extended reach 10 Gb/s burst-mode transmission

Leading beneficiary: IMEC

Other participants: TNI,  Alcatel-Lucent (external partner), Orange/France Telecom (external partner)

Within this research activity EDF-based ROPA and SOA extender box technologies have also being thoroughly investigated. 

Extended C & L, EDF & Raman amplification for WDM/TDM PON

Leading beneficiary: UPC

Other participants:  IT, AIT, Keopsys (external)

This work investigated amplification technologies within the C and L bands in extended reach full-duplex PON.

Mitigation of Rayleigh backscattering impact in WDM-PONs

Leading beneficiary: UPC

Other participants:  VPIphotonics (external)

This activity, leaded by UPC, provides the experimental validation of theoretically expected results.

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