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EURO-FOS Workshop:

28 March 2011
Main Lecture Hall, Heinrich Hertz Institute, Berlin


On March 28, 2011, EURO-FOS Consortium organised a workshop at the premises of Fraunhofer’s Heinrich Hertz Institute in Berlin. The purpose of the Workshop was to bring together people from the EURO-FOS network, namely experienced and young researchers working in the 4 Centers of Excellence (CE) with people from the European industry of Photonics, who constitute the Industrial Advisory Board of the Project.

Significant contribution towards the success of the event and its main mission came from the presence of the three members of the EURO-FOS Industrial Advisory Board (IAB), Dr. Michael Eiselt (ADVA Optical Networking), Dr. André Richter (VPIphotonics) and Mr. Risto Soila (Tellabs), as well as of Professor Hugo Thienpont (Vrije University of Brussels) who honored the workshop with their participation as invited speakers.

The event allowed the participants to present and discuss their views on the broader research areas of photonics technology, covered by EURO-FOS. Moreover it was a great opportunity for a large number of young researchers (2-4 from each of the 17 participating institutes to the Network), who are active within the framework of EURO-FOS joint experimental activities, to present their work through oral presentations and posters.

The Workshop comprised three different sessions:

Session 1: Bridging academia with European industry. The session was devoted to the vision and the effort of bridging together the European industry of photonics communications with the academic research activities in the same area. The session started with a focus on EURO-FOS effort to establish synergies through its spreading of excellence activities as well as though the EUROFOSLab Initiative as an instrument that will enhance the evolution of the Network into a future service providing platform to the support of the European industrial and academic communities of photonics. The overview was followed by the presentations of the three IAB members:

Michael Eiselt (ADVA Optics), made a presentation on trends in core and access optical networking and on the most recent relevant results of ADVA Optical Networking.

André Richter (VPIphotonics), presented a brief overview of the typical design challenges and the corresponding modeling requirements in photonics communications today.

Risto Soila (Tellabs), focused his presentation on the challenge of integrating photonics subsystems into an integrated working network solution, taking his example from the SARDANA FP7 Project.

Prof. Hugo Thienpont (Vrije University of Brussels), presented the ACTMOST initiative (http://www.actmost.eu/) as a bright paradigm for a platform that facilitates industrial access to photonics experts and micro-photonic technologies that stimulates industrial product innovation in Europe.

The session closed with the presentation of Dr. Reza Reza Nejabati (University of Essex – Member of EURO-FOS Consortium) about OFELIA project (http://www.fp7-ofelia.eu/), which is among the second wave of FIRE projects that try to create and unify experimentation infrastructures in Europe for future Internet technologies.


Session 2: Research directions and mobility within EURO-FOS. This part of the Workshop was devoted to an overview of the research activities of the four Centers of Excellence (CEs) of EURO-FOS Network leaders as well as on the benefits of these activities for the participating young researchers.


Session 3: Poster Session. The workshop concluded with a poster session that demonstrated the major research results obtained by the joint experimental work performed within EURO-FOS during the 2,5 years of the project’s lifetime. Specifically, the session comprised the following 22 posters:



P01  Experimental Demonstration of PDL Mitigation using Polarization-Time Coding in PDM-OFDM Systems, Y. Jaouen, Institut TELECOM

P02 Blockwise equalization in a PolMux 60Gbit/s-8PSK coherent optical system, M. Selmi, Institut TELECOM

P03 Self-Coherent Receiver for PolMUX Coherent Signals, J. Li, KIT

P04 Ultra-Long Haul Experiments based on Nyquist-WDM transmission, G. Bosco, POLITO

P05 Analysis and compensation of non-linear effects in high-speed coherent optical fibre communications, D. Rafique, TNI

P06 Nonlinear impairment analysis and compensation with Volterra Series, F. Guiomar, IT

P07 Transmission Performance of Optical Fast-OFDM in MMF-Based Links, E. Giacoumidis, AIT

P08 DxPSK at 160 Gbaud, E. Tipsuwannakul, CHALMERS

P09 OTDM receiver for very high speed digital coherent system, P.O. Hedekvist, CHALMERS

P10 Optical switching and detection of 640 Gb/s OTDM data packets trasnmitted over 50 km of fiber, F. Gomez-Agis, TU/e

P11 Experimental Demonstration of a Gridless Multi-granular Optical Network Supporting Flexible Spectrum Switching, N. Amaya Gonzalez, UEssex

P12 All-Optical Packet Forwarding Gate Based on a Single SOA-MZI, H. Brahmi, Institut TELECOM

P13 All-Optical Clocked Flip-Flops, G. Parca-A. Teixeira, IT

P14 High-Speed Wavelength Converter based on Quantum-Dot Semiconductor Optical Amplifier, R. Bonk, KIT

P15  Enhancement of upstream transmission using cancellation of downstream modulation, A. Maziotis, ICCS/NTUA

P16 Hybrid WDM/TDM scablabe ring based PON with in-line remote amplification, I. Chatzi, AIT

P17 Advanced 10G Burst-Mode Subsystems for Next Generation Symmetric 10G-GPONs, X. Yin, IMEC

P18 Tunable Laser for λ-Routed Networks and Optical Access, B. Schrenk, UPC

P19 Specialty Fiber Evaluation for In-building Distribution of Multiple-Format OFDM Radio Signals, M. Morant, UPVLC

P20 High-speed system in 75 - 110 GHz band, D. Zibar, DTU

P21 Photonic Generation of Highly Stable RF Signals at Multiple Frequency Starting from a Mode-Locked Laser, G. Serafino, SSSUP


EURO-FOS workshop Agenda: 28 March 2011

12:00 – 12:45

Reception of participants

12:30 – 13:15

EURO-FOS: Towards a Pan-European laboratory for lightwave communications


Workshop opening – Overview of EURO-FOS activities

Prof. Hercules Avramopoulos (ICCS/NTUA)

Creation of synergies and spreading the word for photonics

Dr. Dimitrios Klonidis (AIT)

The eurofoslab initiative: Motivation and Perspectives

Reza Nejabati, University of Essex  

13:15 – 14:15

Bridging academia with European industry: The industrial perspective


Trends in optical networking

Dr. Michael Eiselt, ADVA Optical Networking

Multi-Layer Photonics Modeling Requirements

Dr. André Richter, VPIphotonics

Demonstrator integration activities in FP7 SARDANA STREP

 Risto Soila, Tellabs

14:15 – 15:00

Large scale experimentation facilities at the service of European industry and research


Bridging academia with European industry: the NEMO/ACTMOST experience

Hugo Thienpont, Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Emerging experimentation facilities for communication networks – The OFELIA project

Reza Nejabati, University of Essex

15:15 – 16:40

Research directions within EURO-FOS - From systems to subsystems:


Digital optical transmission systems

Dr. Colja Schubert (HHI)

Next generation optical access subsystems

Dr. Jose Lazaro (UPC)

Optical sources and amplification systems

Dr. Claudio Porzi (SSSUP)

High-speed optical network subsystems

Dr. Jorge Seoane (DTU)   


16:40 – 17:00

Research implementation


Clustering young researchers across Europe

Prof. Didier Erasme (Institut TELECOM)

Concluding remarks

Prof. Hercules Avramopoulos (ICCS/NTUA)

17:00 – 18:30

Collaborative research examples within EURO-FOS – Poster session






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